Current Advances in Treatment and Research

MEDIVISION ™ studies and compiles information from the latest peer-reviewed research to provide an overview of the current treatment methods, technological applications and pharmaceutical advances in a variety of medical conditions.

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Macular Degeneration: A Research Update

Run Time: 01:13:49
Retail: $ 389.00

Presents an overview of the pathogenesis of macular degeneration, its epidemiology and the various genetic factors involved. Discusses both neovascular and non- neovascular forms, along with non-age related macular degeneration (Best disease) and the currently recognized risk factors involved. Provides an overview of the most recent diagnostic procedures. Discusses current treatment options and the most recent studies involving immune system and neuroprotective strategies, surgical options, and stem cell transplants.

Alzheimer's Disease: A Current Perspective on the Research and Treatment

Run Time: long version: 01:18:00
2 part version: Part 1: 00:44:18 / Part 2: 00:37:05
Retail: $ 389.00

Discusses the epidemiology, pathophysiology and pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease. Reviews the current recommended criteria for diagnosis and provides an overview of suggested neuroimaging diagnostic techniques. Reviews the most recent treatment options and management planning, including psychosocial intervention. Reviews current research and clinical trials investigating treatment, genetic influences, origins and mechanisms of the disease.

Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury: Current Advances in Treatment and Research

Run Time: 00:45:45
Retail: $ 389.00

Discusses the recognition of the effects of concussion and traumatic brain injury in both modern and historical contexts. Looks at current statistics of brain injury in sports and recreational activities. Provides an overview of symptoms and pathophysiology of concussion and traumatic brain injury, as well as discussion on diagnosis, treatment and prognosis for recovery. Reviews chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Reviews current research into concussion, including the use of anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of concussion and measurement of predictive visual tracking as a screening technique to identify mild traumatic brain injury.

Diabetes Mellitus: A Research Update

Run Time: 00:43:16
Retail: $ 389.00

Provides a current overview of diabetes epidemiology & pathophysiology; classifications of diabetes mellitus with a focus on the pathogenesis of Type 2 Diabetes, and updated recommendations in diagnosis and patient evaluation including pediatric and gestational diabetes. Reviews the latest treatment options and management planning guidelines, and discusses the latest and most promising clinical trials and published research.

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